Panasonic | RZ Series | 5.0kw

Panasonic | RZ Series | 5.0kw

Split Air conditioner

Panasonic air conditioner provides the ultimate peace of mind without Anti-Bacterial Filter, quiet operation and our 5 year warranty. Panasonic air-conditioners utilise arrow wings which is a twin blade technology that distributes out evenly throughout the room. Compare to existing and heating and cooling mechanisms Panasonic's calling technology achieves comfortable room temperature fast with a powerful feature.

Some other features include:

• Smart Efficiency

• Smart Control

• Intuitive Voice Control

• Powerful Mode

• Antibacterial Filter

Design for Australia it's built tough to last. That internal and external components are built to with stand damaging effects from salty and a swim and rain, so you can count on Panasonic for the quiet operation of both indoor and outdoor units that can ensure you get a peaceful night sleep.

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