Temperzone Air Conditioners

Do you need Temperzone air conditioning services? Sydney Air Conditioning is the best choice for all your Temperzone requirements. Operating 24/7, every day of the year, we can schedule an appointment around you and offer service within an hour of your call. Whether it's a Temperzone emergency or just general maintenance that needs to be done, we're here to help!

Temperzone Air Conditioning Products:

Ducted Split Systems:

Temperzone Ducted Split systems can provide low-GWP energy-efficient solutions for many applications. From light to large commercial, Temperzone is the versatile ducted split choice that will ensure your building's efficiency and environmental friendliness. Our range of splits goes from 14 kilowatts up to 94 kilowatts with a wide variety of flexible options available!

Wall-Mounted Split Systems:

The new range of Hitachi wall-mounted systems offers a wide array of features, perfect for any home or office. From the ingenious FrostWash self-cleaning technology to power consumption tracking and Eco motion sensor, these efficient units are rounded off with user-friendly controls that can be adapted to your needs.

Ranging from 2.5 kW up to 8 kW in size there’s an Inverter Wall Mounted Split System by Hitachi for every space - residential homes or offices alike!

Split Ducted Premium Air Conditioning System:

The Hitachi Split Ducted range is engineered for a quick and easy installation in smaller spaces. With an expanded cooling capacity from 5kW to 16 kW, this system delivers the level of comfort you’ve come to expect from Hitachi. Featuring a lightweight compact design, our ducted one-to-one systems are the ideal option when installation space can be tight or challenging!

Cassette Systems:

DC technology allows for inverter control and the ability to achieve superior operating efficiency. Temperzone ceiling cassette range features a cooling capacity from 5kW up to13kW, delivering levels of comfort, convenience, and reliability we've come to expect from them. 4-way airflow cassettes are an economical way to air condition open areas with high occupancy or traffic such as shops, walkways, or restaurants.

Multi-Split Systems:

If you need to cool down your entire house, then the MultiZone indoor range is perfect for you. With a wide selection of compact wall-mounted units, cassette units, and concealed in-the ceiling bulkhead units available, our MultiZone air conditioners cater to all requirements from those looking for easy installation with minimal piping work required right up through high demands on customisation such as room by individual room control or back wall cooling only zones.

Mini VRF:

Living spaces should be enjoyable space. Hitachi's Set Free Mini VRF range can create a comfortable living environment where people are free to enjoy life and the things around them, which is not only gratifying for those using it but also brings diverse benefits to everyone involved in designing such environments.

Sydney Air Conditioning offers services in Temperzone air conditioning installation, Temperzone repair service, and Temperzone maintenance.

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