Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi is a multinational conglomerate company that was founded in Japan over 100 years ago. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (ME) now has global operations with activities in 60 countries including Australia and New Zealand. Mitsubishi is the number one ranked air conditioner manufacturer in Australia and offers a range of products from ducted systems to split AC's that suit all budgets and requirements. Sydney Air Conditioning offers repair, installation, servicing, maintenance, and emergency repairs for Mitsubishi Electric products 24/7 every day of the year.

Sydney Air Conditioning operates on an appointment basis only so we will need as much notice as possible when booking your service call or emergency repair.

Mitsubishi Electric AC Products:

Wall-mounted air conditioners:

Mitsubishi Electric is a leader in air conditioning technology, and they have newly introduced innovative features to their wall-mounted range. The Plasma Quad Plus filter system will clean the air you're breathing; 3D i-See Sensor makes it easier for people with bad sight to see what's going on (or not) while adjusting your AC settings; indirect/direct airflow ensures that no matter where you are in the room, there should be an optimal level of cooling!

Ducted Air Conditioning:

Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioning systems offer year-round comfort in every room, for all seasons. Touch button climate control makes it easy to set the perfect temperature and enjoy a cozy ambiance with warm heat during winter or cool freshness from Summer's humidity. For multi-room installations there are plenty of options available: zone selection gives you full control over your home's heating and cooling requirements, while our advanced technology ensures even temperatures throughout so that no matter where you are in the house - never too hot nor too cold!

Console Split Systems:

Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KJ Series floor model air conditioners are designed for stylish, unobtrusive wall-attached installation at floor level. They have a removable base that allows the indoor unit to be recessed into your wall and dramatically reduce the depth of the indoor unit by one-third from 215mm to 145mm! This makes them perfect for inconspicuous heating - or new buildings and renovation projects with limited space available. The auto swing vane also creates more natural airflow throughout the room making it comfortable too!

Bulkhead Air Conditioners:

It's time to get this space cool and fresh with a bulkhead air conditioner!

They're an excellent choice for homes or offices that don't have enough wall space, are in the basement, live on concrete ceilings - you name it. Plus they keep things remarkably quiet when installed so your bedroom can stay peaceful all day!

Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioners:

A compact cassette air conditioning system is the perfect solution for those with limited ceiling space and no walls to mount a split or ducted unit. Its whisper-quiet operation makes it ideal for master bedrooms, living rooms, offices - you name it!

Multi-Head Split Systems:

We know it can be tough deciding what to get in the summertime. With our inverter multi-split system air conditioners, your whole house will stay cool and comfortable all throughout long hot days without you having to worry about constantly running up high energy bills! That’s because this innovative design allows for 8 indoor units that are connected together with just one outdoor unit - so no more worries when it comes time for a change out seasonally either.

Sydney Air Conditioning offers Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners for every size and application. Whether you’ve got high ceilings or a small space, we have the perfect Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Split ac unit just right for your needs!

Sydney Air Conditioning has Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Split ac units from Mitsubishi Electric available in many sizes.

- Mitsubishi AC Unit 12AVXCAZ: For a single room or small space, the Mitsubishi AC Unit 12AVXCAZ is your perfect match for cooling and heating needs!

- Mitsubishi AC Unit 16AXVGAZP: If you’re looking to cool and heat an entire home, then we recommend the Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Split unit with an outdoor condenser of up to 20kW - that means even bigger homes can stay comfortable all year round without any worry! The Mitsibushi 16AXVGAZP has everything you need for excellent energy efficiency.

- Mitsubishi AC Unit 16AVXCAM: The Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Split unit with an outdoor condenser of up to 40kW is perfect for larger homes, warehouses, and factories. If the Mitsubishi 16AXVGAZP doesn’t quite cut it, then give this a try! For cooling large spaces quickly, Mitsubishi Electric has you covered.

And many more products.

Compatible prices for the installation, repair, and service of Mitsubishi Electric products. Sydney Air Conditioning offers 24/hr service, every day, including weekends and public holidays.

Service within an hour is available in most areas - please contact Sydney Air Conditioning to confirm the availability of this service.

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