LG Air Conditioners

LG Air Conditioners are some of the most reliable and energy-efficient on the market today. LG is one of the leaders in air conditioning technology, with LG products being found in over 150 countries across five continents. Sydney Air Conditioning has been installing LG Air Conditioners for many years and our experienced technicians can help you find a solution that suits your needs. We offer LG AC services 24 hours a day 7 days a week so we will never let you down!

LG Air Conditioner Products:

Split Systems: LG’s split system air conditioners are a great option for anyone looking to evenly distribute cold and hot air around the home. LG systems use inverter technology, which is not only more efficient but also quieter than traditional models.

LG has introduced an innovative new line of split system heat pumps that utilize high-efficiency inverters - making them up to 40%* more energy-efficient than conventional units! These models reduce power consumption while providing continuous cooling at lower noise levels in comparison with older design technologies. LG’s new inverter-based heat pumps are the perfect solution for all your heating, cooling, and climate control needs!

Ducted Systems:

LG also offers a wide range of ducted air conditioning systems for commercial and industrial applications. LG has the right product to suit your specific needs, whether you are using it in an office complex or shopping mall, manufacturing plant, warehouse - LG can provide the perfect solution!

LG has one ducted system offering comfort for up to 16 zones (or rooms) from just an outdoor unit and indoor units. With LG products, homeowners don't have to worry about what type of property they have because LG will find the right solution for them.

Multi Split: LG’s new multi-split air conditioning systems are

perfect for cooling large spaces such as warehouses, offices, and showrooms. LG has the right heating or cooling solution to suit your needs - be it a single zone system with up to six indoor units or an outdoor unit providing chilled water to multiple zones of one building. LG Air Conditioners can provide you with all the assistance you need!

Ceiling Mounted Cassette:

Maximizing the indoor aesthetics with a comfortable environment is LG’s main priority. The LG range of ceiling-mounted cassette models can provide cool air down to a room without being noisy or intrusive in the space with their sleek, flush-mounted design and ultra-quiet operation. LG Air Conditioners make sure that you are comfortable at all times!


LG VRF solutions are versatile and powerful. LG VRF technology can provide the most efficient and cost-effective cooling system for your home or commercial space. LG has a range of solutions to suit all needs, including our new MULTI V models. This revolutionary product line offers an enhanced design with advanced features such as variable air volume control.

LG Air Conditioning Sydney is committed to creating products that solve many problems in different ways, make life easier and better than ever before while also delivering on LG’s commitment to making their customers satisfied!

Heating Solution (AWHP):

LG THERMA V is an Air to Water Heat Pump(AWHP) System that offers heating, cooling, and hot water solution. LG THERMA V is an air-to-water heat pump system that provides heating, cooling, and hot water solutions. LG Therma V has a WQC rating of 16 which means it reduces the carbon footprint by up to 40%. LG Therma V is LG’s innovative answer to meet the new and upcoming challenges of heating, cooling, and hot water solutions.

And so on.

Call Sydney Air Conditioning today. If you live in the Sydney metro area. We look forward to helping make your LG experience extraordinary!

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