Panasonic Air Conditioners

Panasonic is a world leader in Air Conditioners and Panasonic Air Conditioning systems. Panasonic air conditioning units are designed to be energy-efficient, durable, and environmentally friendly. Panasonic also has an impressive range of features for all your needs from comfort cooling to clean air technology. Panasonic's heating products too are designed with the same commitment to excellence as their cooling products. Sydney Air Conditioning can help you find the perfect Panasonic unit for your home or business today!

Panasonic Air Conditioning Products:

Single Room Air Conditioning Systems:

If you live in an old building or have a home with multiple stories, Panasonic’s reverse cycle wall-mounted split systems can make your life easier. With intuitive voice control and Wi-Fi Control* These air purification units will keep the whole house cool quickly without breaking a sweat!

Multi Split Air Conditioning Systems:

Ever worry about the quality of your air? Not only is it dirty and hot but you don't know what's in there. Let our Multi-Room Air Conditioning Systems do all the work for you! Our systems produce clean, healthy, energy-efficient air that will help improve anything from allergies to asthma symptoms while saving money on your electric bill too with a remote control app. So take back some peace of mind by investing in one today - they're not just good for humans; they've been proven effective at keeping pets cool as well!

Wall Mounted Split Systems:

Want to know the best way to keep your home cool in summer? We've got options for you! Cooling or Heating including Air Purification Wall Mounted with Voice/Wi-Fi Control. Boasting outstanding performance and energy efficiency as well as Sensitive Choice Approved Stand Alone nanoe Air Purification System. Together, these make up an excellent choice when it comes time for a new system.

Ducted Air Conditioning:

Cooling comfort faster with high static and large airflow ducted for exceptional installation flexibility. 6kW to 22kW, together with voice control that is intuitive or Wi-Fi enabled*. Slim-line models are specially designed when space is limited; capacities range from 4 kW (6kw - 14kw). Voice/Wi-Fi Control* offers a complete solution no matter the situation.

Cassette & Ceiling Systems:

The 4-Way Cassette with Voice/WiFi Control is the perfect match for your modern application, featuring uniform cooling or heating and easy installation. Now you can have intuitive voice control too!

As the world becomes more connected, so do our devices. Introducing a new mini cassette unit with voice control and Wi-Fi capabilities for easy installation of small-sized projects. Now you can command your device from anywhere in the room without having to get up!

Under Ceiling with Voice/Wi-Fi Control: Providing outstanding energy-saving performance and long-distance airflow distribution, these units are perfect for retail stores or schools. Now with intuitive voice control and Wi-Fi* enabled remote access!

Floor Console Air Conditioner:

Panasonic has a range of console-style air conditioners designed to suit your needs and budget. The Panasonic FZRV54NVE* offers five different speeds with its inverter compressor, so you can dial in the level of cooling power needed for any room size.

Under Cabinet Air Conditioner:

Panasonic’s new under cabinet AC is perfect for kitchens or other small spaces where an ordinary central unit would be impractical. Enjoy superior comfort with Panasonic's exclusive Eco-Friendly Cooling System (EFCS) technology*, while also saving space on the floor below!

VRF Systems:

Panasonic has a huge range of VRF Systems which allow for the creation of fully customisation air conditioning solutions. Find what you need with Panasonic's systems that pave the way in comfort, energy efficiency, performance, and reliability!

Mini FSV Heat Pump

Specifically designed for high-demanding applications is our new compact 12.1Kw to 25kW Mini-FSV system - perfect if you're looking to save space while still achieving excellent cooling capacity on your property or workplace.

The 3 pipe heat recovery FSVEX also offers an efficient solution when it comes to simultaneous heating and cooling requirements as this 22kw to 135 kW unit can supply up to 90% more heat than most other standard single pipe units we offer at only 10% greater power consumption.

Sydney Air Conditioning has many years of experience installing Panasonic Air Conditioners as we understand how important these appliances are to your home comfort needs and because we want to ensure maximum efficiency from all aspects – cooling AND heating! We also stock spares parts just in case anything ever goes wrong with your Panasonic air conditioning unit.

We work to provide a fast, convenient, and reliable service for our customers so that you can always feel comfortable in your home or office environment at all times of the year. You don't need to worry about whether Sydney Air Conditioning is available 24 hours a day because we are! Give us a call today on (Contact Info) if you would like some more information regarding Panasonic Air Conditioners as well as other products such as heating systems and spares parts. We're here for you and want nothing more than what's best for your family’s comfort needs!

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