Rinnai Air Conditioners

Air conditioning is a necessity in today’s fast-paced world. Rinnai Air Conditioners are the number one choice of Australians for their homes and businesses, but they can be expensive to replace or repair. That’s why we recommend Rinnai Air Conditioning products from Sydney Air Conditioning. We have 25 years of experience in installing, repairing and servicing Rinnai air conditioners so you know you will get the best service possible when you need it most! Contact us today for more information.

Rinnai Air Conditioning Products:

Inverter Split Systems:

The Rinnai 8.0kW Inverter Split System provides you with the ultimate solution for any heating and cooling needs, all year round! This intelligent system is well-suited to larger bedrooms, home offices, or medium-sized living areas due to its rapid cooling capabilities; it's also perfect if you're looking for a sleek design that will last. The 3-minute cleaning cycle takes care of your indoor unit so you can be sure there is no excess moisture: just cool air when you need it most!

Inverter Multi Split Systems:

Multi Wall-Mounted:

The Rinnai Inverter Multi wall-mounted model features the same indoor unit as the newest and most innovative development yet in air conditioning, a D Series Split System. Wi-Fi control via a mobile app allows you to control your AC from anywhere with an internet connection or network!

Multi Slim Ducted:

If you're looking for a cost-effective way to be able to heat and cool multiple rooms without having an outdoor unit in each individual room, the Rinnai Inverter Multi Slim Ducted indoor units are perfect. They have excellent acoustic characteristics that will help keep noise levels down when it's installed into any tight space with only one duct coming out of them. Not only do these models not have Wi-Fi capability but they also can come as either floor or wall mounted types depending on what your needs maybe!

Inverter Cassette:

One of the best features of Rinnai's Inverter Cassette air conditioner is that its design is easy to install. It has a super slim body which will work well in restaurants, offices, hotels, and showrooms because it'll fit into small spaces with ease a must for these types of locations!

Ducted Air Conditioners:

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning:

Rinnai’s Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning system is designed to take the hassle out of heating and cooling your home. Designed with a host of user-friendly features, this air conditioning unit also has an outstanding energy efficiency rating for savings on utility bills in addition to being three times more efficient than conventional methods!

20 & 24kW Ducted Reverse Cycle:

Rinnai's new series of high power and energy-efficient ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are now available in 20 & 24kW variations. This system offers a unique experience: it can provide year-round comfort with Rinnai’s discreetly powerful heating or cooling, all while being twice as efficient as traditional systems. The concealed indoor fan (and DC compressor) operate quietly to deliver fast temperature control when required; meanwhile, the advanced inverter controls maintain an incredible level of efficiency for this product range – 3 times more so than conventional heaters!

Portable Air Conditioners:

2.6 kW Portable Air Conditioning System:

The Rinnai 2.6 kW Portable Air Conditioning Unit is a convenient Mobile Air Conditioner that makes personalized comfort easier than ever before with an inbuilt timer, washable filter, and convenient water alarm! Supported by the intelligent sleep mode, adjustable temperature control, and practical remote control panel; this unit will provide endless hours of cooling bliss no matter where you are or how hot it gets outside!

3.5kW Portable Air Conditioning System:

The Rinnai 3.5kW Portable Air Conditioner is the perfect solution for hot, uncomfortable days! This sleek air conditioning unit has an inbuilt timer and water alarm to keep your cool without any fuss of emptying a tray or constantly checking up on it like with other units that rely solely on evaporating liquid through its exhaust ducts. The set-and-forget mode will make sure you stay comfortable all day long as well as adjustable temperature controls so you can find just what's right for you among four different levels of cooling power: low, medium-high and turbo boost (perfect when feeling under the weather!). You'll also be able to control this handy little device remotely from anywhere using its convenient remote controller, even when you're away or on your daily commute.

4.1kW Portable Air Conditioning System:

The 4.1kW Portable Air Conditioning Unit provides a refreshingly efficient and handy cooling solution to enjoy the summer heat on the go! The sleek, portable unit is also supported by an inbuilt timer, washable filter, convenient water alarm as well as evaporates condensate through its exhaust duct. Set it up with the intelligent sleep mode or adjust temperature control from your remote controller for personalized comfort!

Sydney Air Conditioning has been a Rinnai Air Conditioner specialist for over 25 years. We have the expertise and knowledge to help you find the perfect Rinnai unit, whether it’s an air conditioning installation or just general maintenance that your system needs.

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