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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is a large multinational company that manufactures everything from cars and home air conditioning units to electronics. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioners are well-known for their high quality, durability, and efficiency relative to the cost of purchase. Sydney Air Conditioning has built a reputation as Mitsubishi's local experts in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries products with over 25 years of experience. Let us be your Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner expert today!

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners are designed for reliability in Australian conditions. Mitsubishi heavy industry systems have a sealed-system design that can be installed under any type of flooring - whether it's concrete or carpeted surfaces. The Mitsubishi heavy industry AC units are 100% reliable because they're specifically made to withstand Australia's harsh weather conditions with their time-tested heating and cooling technology as well as an improved condenser coil system so that there will always be cool water available no matter what temperature the outside climate is! Sydney Air Conditioning offers Mitsubishi Heavy Industries pricing deals every day - just give us a call to find out more!

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Products:


Wall-mounted split systems are the best way to heat and cool a small space. They're easy to install, efficient to run, come in a range of designs--some even reversible!--and provide an attractive option when you need small-to-medium space heating/cooling solutions that fit any commercial application.


Floor-standing air conditioners are perfect for commercial spaces. They're designed to be placed on the wall close to the floor and can even be semi-recessed into a wall, giving you more room when space is limited! Floor standing systems come in all shapes and sizes so they'll work with any size of business or office building no matter how big it might be. These reverse cycle units also boast heating capabilities which will save your employees from having their offices freezing during the winter months.


Have you been looking for something that will look discreet and blend in with your ceiling? Look no further! Our bulkhead systems sit entirely within your ceiling space, distributing air via grilles. Their slim, low-profile design (only 200mm) helps them to be the perfect choice when there's a limited room above - making these units ideal if you've recently renovated a commercial property or have just moved into new premises.


Our Mitsubishi-certified ducted systems are perfect for any commercial or residential premises. They're also the best choice if your air conditioning is located in an enclosed space such as a basement, and you want to distribute cool, fresh air throughout the whole building.


Ceiling cassette Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners are best installed in new commercial and residential properties, as they can be fitted into a standard ceiling with minimal hassle.

They're perfect for homes or offices that have an open-plan layout - giving you the ability to create the most comfortable environment possible. The Mitsubishi heavy industry AC units we install also come with ten years of warranty coverage and flexible installation options.


Ceiling suspended Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners are a good choice for any commercial or residential property that has had the ceiling height increased. They're also perfect for properties with high ceilings - like warehouses, showrooms, and factories. Mitsubishi heavy industry AC units come with a five-year warranty and have different installation options to suit your needs.


Multi-split Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners are a great choice for any commercial, residential, or high ceiling property. They're the most efficient and use less power than their counterparts - making them environmentally friendly too. Mitsubishi heavy industry AC units come with a five-year warranty and can be installed in both vertical or horizontal orientations to suit your needs.

Their products are available via Sydney Air Conditioning for installation across all residential and commercial sectors including schools, offices, warehouses, showrooms, factories, etc. Mitsubishi heavy industry AC units come with an exclusive five-year guarantee that's perfect if you want affordable cooling solutions without compromising on quality.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has developed the Mitsubishi VRF system. The Mitsubishi VRF is an advanced, efficient, and economical cooling technology that has been around since 2005. This product offers a number of benefits including improved control over indoor temperature uniformity. Mitsubishi VRF is available in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ latest range of models.

Sydney Air Conditioning will install Mitsubishi heavy industry AC units at a fair price because we know that there are many different factors involved with installing them into any property - including what type of system you'll need, the size of your property, and how much you want to spend.

Sydney Air Conditioning has been installing Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioners for 25 years and our technicians are trained to handle any Mitsubishi Heavy Industries product installation, repair, or service. Operating 24/hours a day every day of the year we always have someone on-call in case you need support with your Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning system!

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