Kelvinator Air Conditioners

If you are looking for Kelvinator Air Conditioners, Sydney Air Conditioning can help. With many years of experience and expertise in Kelvinator products, we offer high-quality Kelvinator air conditioning services to the Sydney area. Operating 24/7 every day of the year, we have been providing service to Kelvinator for many years and operate in a fair manner that values flexibility and high standards. Whether it is an emergency or general maintenance you need to be done on your system, we can help!

Kelvinator Air Conditioners Products:

Split System Air Conditioner:


The 9.0kW split system reverse cycle air conditioner featuring wireless connectivity, inverter compressor, DC fan motor with 12 speeds and a concealed dimmable digital display is perfect for any home! With HEPA and ion filters to purify the air in your house, this AC unit will also auto-swing from up to down so you'll be able to find just what's right for you. This model has a cooling capacity of 10Kw/9kw ratio as well as a heating power of 10 kW which makes it ideal during extreme hot or cold weather conditions if needed!


The Wi-Fi-enabled KSD71HWJ is a 7.1kW split system air conditioner that features inverter compressors, DC fan motors with 12 speeds, and concealed dimmable digital displays. The HEPA filters are perfect for removing allergens from the air while ionizers prevent bad smells too! With so many great extras like an auto swing (up or down) LCD remote demand response capability you'll be able to watch all of your favorite shows this summer without sweating it out for even an hour thanks to these fantastic machines!


KSD50HWJ is a 5kw split system air conditioning unit is easy to install and connect, it has a concealed dimmable digital display that you can adjust while lying in your bed or sitting on the couch! KSD50HWJ features Wi-Fi for remote access from anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection. The cooling/heating capacity of this model is 6kw because of its inverter compressor technology and DC fan motor with 12 different speeds so you never have to worry about getting too cold again.


An environmentally friendly and affordable heating and cooling system, Kelvinator Connect is perfect for anyone looking to make a change in the new year. This 5-kilowatt reverse cycle split system delivers an output tone of voice that’s casual while still being powerful enough to take on any challenges your home throws its way. With wireless connectivity, it makes controlling this appliance easier than ever before!


There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day and realizing that you forgot to turn off the AC. The KSV71CRH will let you rest easy with its Sleep Mode, Auto Restart function, 24 Hour Timer Display Screen on LCD Backlit Wireless Remote Control as well as 5 Year Parts Warranty!


The KSD35HWJ is a 3.5kW split system air conditioner that features wireless connectivity, an inverter compressor, a DC fan motor with 12 speeds, and concealed dimmable digital display. It also boasts HEPA filtration to remove allergens from the air as well as ion filters for even more cleanliness! The unit comes complete with auto swing (up or down) allowing you to direct airflow where needed most- at home in your living room while sitting on the couch watching TV? Or maybe it's time for bed up in your bedroom - either way this advanced AC has got you covered! 

To finish off its list of awesome amenities includes demand response capability which allows remote monitoring so that if the power goes out, Kelvinator has the capability to send a signal and turn off your AC.


The KSD25HWJ is a 2.5kW split system reverse cycle air conditioner that offers wireless connectivity and an inverter compressor for you to enjoy! The remote control allows you to change the settings, which include 12 fan speeds, concealed dimmable digital display with HEPA and ion filters in addition to auto air swing (up/down) features. This AC can provide 3.2 kW heating or cooling capacity depending on your needs!

Sydney Air conditioning has been installing Kelvinator since 1989 with 25 years of experience and expertise in Kelvinator products. We are your local experts for Kelvinator installation, Kelvinator repair, and Kelvinator service. Operating 24/seven every day of the year we can schedule an appointment around you so that it is convenient to fix or replace your AC system. Sydney Air condition provides quality workmanship and friendly advice for all customers whether they have a Kelvinator air-conditioner emergency or just want general maintenance done on their systems!

Best price on Kelvinator. If you need any help with your AC please contact us 24 hours a day at our office number (Contact Info) or email (Mail ID)

If you are looking to purchase a new Kelvinator unit we can come out to your property and provide quotes so that not only do you get the best value for money but also the most suitable product! We offer installation within an hour of your call and Kelvinator products have 12-month parts and labor warranty!

Let Sydney Air Conditioning provide you with the expertise needed to keep your Kelvinator running as efficiently as it should, providing quality workmanship for all customers whether they are looking for an emergency Kelvinator service or just general maintenance done on their cooling systems. For more information please contact us today.

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