How Long Do Renovations Take


You can add comfort, value, and functionalities to your home by improving its looks through home renovations. But while planning for renovation the time taken in it can be one of the most common questions that may come to your mind. Though it is not easy to answer this question as it depends on various factors including weather, size of the project, type of renovation and finances still you must have basic information in this regard before starting the process of up-gradation of your home.


The process of home renovation can be of different types including cosmetic renovation, medium renovation, and major renovations. a cosmetic renovation in which the exterior or interior of the home is painted and some new appliances and floors are replaced may take from a week to a few months. A medium renovation in which the kitchen is fully renovated and some more additions are done in the house may take up to 6 months. However, it may take 6 months to more than a year if you have to make major changes in your home like repairing the structure or foundation of your home. The information provided in this write-up can help you in knowing more precisely in this regard.

COSMETIC REMODELING: A cosmetic home renovation can be done when the overall condition of the home is fairly good. In some cases, a few small repairs can improve the looks of your home like painting its exterior or interior as well as adding a few appliances or replacing certain floors or countertops, etc. It can also include designing a fashionable farmhouse, developing a new landscape, or just changing a sink in your kitchen, etc. These renovations may take a week to 2-3 months to complete.

So if the house is basically in a fit and fine condition then the time taken in performing cosmetic remodeling can be spent on updating some of its features or making small repairs. Some of these tasks can a few hours to a few days by doing them yourself. But if the repairs are a bit larger and you have to hire a professional contractor then it may take a few weeks to complete a cosmetic remodeling of your home.

MEDIUM RENOVATION: If your home needs some additions and alterations or a damaged space has to be fully renovated beyond the cosmetic range then it can be known as the medium renovation of the home which may take a few weeks to nearly 6 months.

Normally, most of the home repairs fall in the category of medium renovations. they may include the relocation of the plumbing of the sink to a new location or remodeling the kitchen completely etc. This category of home renovation can also include the addition of a garage beside your home or a fireplace in your living room etc. But it will not include certain changes or repairs in the structure of your house. All these medium repairs and additions can take a few weeks to up to 6 months to complete.

MAJOR RENOVATIONS: When it becomes necessary to repair the entire home or make some structural changes then the taken in such major renovations can be from 6 months to even more than a year to complete them.

Normally the projects of major home renovations may include a huge amount of repairs in the home or sensible modernization of the looks of the entire home. such projects are known as major home renovation projects which may include structural repairs like the lifting of the house, additional of another story or repair of the foundation, etc.

Though, the timeline of these projects can be from 6 months to more than a year still the house is not overhauled completely. Sometimes a project becomes large when several small and medium renovations are done side by side. For instance, if you have to add some extension in your newly made kitchen, add luxurious items in your bathroom as well as remodel your basement simultaneously then it will be termed as a large renovation project even if every task can be completed individually. When all of these projects will be started at the same time then its timeline will increase up to a year to complete.

Thus, the time taken in a HOME RENOVATION project depends upon the size of the task, weather conditions, and your budget. Sometimes, your finances do not allow you to complete the project on time. it will directly impact the timeline of your project.

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