air conditioning symbols explained


A Short Guide to Air Conditioning Symbols and Their Meanings

Introduction: What are Thermostat Symbols and What do they Mean?

Thermostat symbols are not just for decoration. They actually give you a lot of information about the thermostat and how to use it.

Thermostat symbols are one of the first things you see when you pop open your thermostat's cover. You can find them on both digital and traditional models. The symbols act as a quick reference to what the temperature range is, what kind of reverse cycle air conditioning system your home has, whether or not the air conditioner is working, and more.

The symbol for "heat" will be shown in blue if it is currently heating or if heat was turned off manually using the thermostat's switch or button. If heat was turned off via an emergency shutoff, then it will appear in red because there is no way to turn it back on until an

Thermostat symbols are a form of communication with the heating and cooling system. They provide a way for you to change the temperature of your home wether it be from ducted air conditioning or split system air conditioners.

The symbols can be found on a thermostat or on a room thermostat. These symbols tell the heating and cooling system how to operate in order to reach the desired temperature.

Basic Overview Of Each Symbol thats important

Mode: Usually pressed several times until the desired mode, cool, heat, fan, dry, auto is selected.

On/Off: To turn the unit on and or off

Temp Up/Down: to select an increase or decrease in desired temperature

Menu Selection: Gives you the ability to go more in depth, use and select advance features the unit has to offer.

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Thermostat Symbol Guide for Australians

Thermostat symbols are found in different colours, shapes, and sizes. They are mainly round, square or rectangular. Some have a small number of dots that represent the number of heating or cooling modes on a thermostat.

There are different types of thermostat symbols depending on where it is used.

How to Read a Standard Daikin Ducted Wall Controller Example.

Daikin Ducted Wall Controller
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