The Benefits Of A Split System Air Conditioner


An Expert's Guide to Split System Air Conditioning Units and Benefits

Introduction: What is a Split System Air Conditioning Unit?

A Split System Air Conditioning Unit is the most common type of air conditioning systems in Australia. It can be used in both residential and commercial purposes.

It consists of two important components: an outdoor unit and an indoor unit that is usually installed on the wall near the window or ceiling.

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Split System Air Conditioners - What are the Advantages?

Split system air conditioners are typically more expensive than the old-school, non-split systems. However, they’re far more efficient and can be less expensive in the long-run.

Split system air conditioners are also quieter than the typical window unit. This is because they use a vent to release hot air outside rather than blowing it back into your home.

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Split Systems - How Much Does it Cost?

Comparison of Split and Packaged AIR Conditioning Systems:

Split system air conditioners are more expensive than packaged systems. A typical split system installation can cost around $1,500-$2,000 per 2kw of energy. However, when you compare the lifetime energy efficiency of the two types of air conditioning systems, a split system is more expensive overall. Generally, a split system will have an efficiency rating between 3-5 Stars while a packaged system will have an efficiency rating between 2-4 stars.

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Types of Split Systems - Which One is Right for You?

There are two types of Split Systems, the traditional Split System and the more modern centralised ducted system.

The traditional Split System air conditioner is the most popular in Australia for heating and cooling, but is less popular with Europeans. It works by having air blown over a heat exchanger which separates the hot air from the cold air.

The reverse cycle ducted systems is newer with many benefits over the traditional split systems. The biggest benefit of split systems is that it can be more energy efficient than a split system because it doesn’t require ducts to be installed in every room like a split system does.   This also means that there are no vents blowing hot or cold air into your home posing health risks to your family with pollen or dust allergies.

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Conclusion: The Importance of an Air Conditioning Expert to Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer

Despite the fact that many people still think that air conditioning is just a luxury, it can really be essential to your comfort in the summer months. A poorly designed or maintained split system air conditioner can lead to humidity and overheating sand an inefficient home. So it is really worth looking for an air conditioning expert who will look after the specific needs of your home.

An air conditioning expert will maintain your system so that it runs more efficiently and at maximum capacity. They will also be able to find any problems before they become major headaches for you.

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